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We are a Somerset based company who offer a completely unique type of garden planter, designed to emulate a traditional staddle stone. The planter is made of polymer, and is strong, durable and 100% frost proof.

We also boast that the product is unaffected by UltraViolet, so you can be sure that the product will last at least 15 years, with little or no loss of colour.

Designed for your convenience, the tops of the stone are designed to screw on and off  the base. Allowing your stone to be interchangable, and adjustable to the seasons.

We have found that there are many different plants that we feel to be suitable for these planters. Sempervivum, Campanula and Saxafraga are just a few that we would recommend.

Want to find out some more about the staddle stone, including specifications?

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Not only do we offer you a traditonal staddle stone planter, but we have also developed a trough style planter, made out of the same materials. Keep an eye out on our page for any new and upcoming ideas.