We are a Somerset based company who offer a completely unique type of garden planter designed to emulate a traditional staddle stone.

Our planters are made from a highly durable, UV stable, frost proof and 100% recyclable polymer.

From succulents to sea thrift

Many plants are suitable for the heads such as. Sempervivum, Campanula, Sedums, Sea Thrift, Oregano, Saxifrage are just a few that we would recommend.

There is a video on how to plant on the bottom of our gallery page.

Designed for your convenience

The tops of our stone effect staddle stone planters are designed to screw on and off the base, allowing the tops to be interchangeable and adjustable to the seasons.

See our full range

Not only do we offer you a traditional staddle stone planter, but we have also developed a trough style planter, made out of the same materials.

Exhibiting at:
RHS Tatton Park
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