Planting up

We plant all of our heads up with john innes number two.

Now make sure you cover all 5 drainage holes. We use a weed suppressant, found in most garden canters and  hardware stores. 

Then put the required quantity of your chosen compost in the top, a minimum of 20L but we generally put in 25-30L for Large heads, 10-12L for mini heads, depending on how high you want the dome.

Press firmly with your thumbs all around the edge, making sure the compost comes to the top of the edges, then press the rest of the compost down to the required height in the centre and shape. 

Make sure your first plant, placed in the centre, is planted at your chosen height. Then plant the entire rim of your stone top, until all gaps are filled, assuming your going for the instant gardening effect. Once you have done this you can then start planting the second line making sure the curve of the dome is to your liking. Repeat this pattern until you’ve reached the top. This should take approximately 65 9cm pots for large heads, roughly 25 9cm pots for mini heads.

Alternatively if you’re not looking for instant gardening, you can place the pots where you see fit, and fill the gaps in with gravel. If using slate we recommend 400mm slate from places like B&Q or Garden Centres.

Once planted water well, make sure the sight suits your plant. 

Any questions please don’t hesitate to ask

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